Volume 10, No. 2, 2022

An Evaluation of the Usefulness of Fitted Regression Equation using the Confidence Interval
Odior KA and Elugwu Felix
Int J Appl Sci Engr, 2022, 10(2): 35-38.

When a suitable model is being built, different statistical methods such as the F-test, t-test and R² are often useful criteria for removing or adding predictors from a madel. However, very few studies have focused on the use of the confidence interval estimates in accessing the performance of predictor variables in a regression model. In this study data on some economic factors have being examined in order to study crime rate. The multiple regression model analysis was fitted with the F-test statistics and confidence interval estimates fitted as measuring criteria for assessing the model adequacy. From the result; it is obvious that the confidence interval criterion gives a better understanding and reliability of determining a model predictive power.

Cite This Article as: Odior KA and Felix E, 2022. An evaluation of the usefulness of fitted regression equation using the confidence interval. Inter J Appl Sci Engr, 10(2): 35-38.

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